Single Workshop: $55
Two Workshops: $105
Three Workshops: $155
Four Workshops: $205

Workshops can be purchased by cash or check in person the day of the workshops. The Anasma and Shaula workshops have already happened, but the Amalia and Alexia workshops are going on today, and there is still space available!

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Air with Shaula - 10am-1pm, Saturday January 8th 2011: In traditional cultures, air is often seen as a universal power or pure substance. Its fundamental importance to life can be seen in words such as aspire, inspire, perspire, and spirit, all derived from the Latin spirare ("to breathe"). No bellydance accessory captures the essence of air moreso than the veil. In this workshop, Shaula will demonstrate how to capture breath in veil dance. To begin, a brief description of fabric and veil shapes and how they affect movement will be given. Next, techniques in keeping the veil aloft and adding an ethereal quality to the dance including a brief introduction to large double veil will be demonstrated and practiced. Lastly, a short choreography that can be adapted to many songs and tempos will be taught. Limited veils of various fabric and shapes will be available for use during the workshop.

Water with Anasma - 2pm-5pm, Saturday Jan 8th 2011: Water symbolizes what is flowing, flexible, harmonious and unified. Connect all your body parts by feeling the creative fluidity between your inner and outer movements. All is one. The perception of the self interacting with the World as One makes sense. Play with dynamics, speeds, intentions. From a soft river, turn into the cascade, widen into an ocean, and explode as a tsunami. Presenting her Hip Hop Bellydance Liquid Fusion, Anasma will first breakdown arm waves, then transform the basics with different directions and dynamics. She will then transpose the waving theory to the rest of the body and layer the concept of connectivity to other movement styles and qualities. Dancers will then learn combos across the floor, as well as a choreography created with the flow of inspiration of the moment. Get a preview of the work by watching the traler of Anasma's second instructional DVD: Wave Explosion and learn more about her work on

Fire with Amalia - 10am-1pm, Sunday January 9th 2011: Add a spark to your dance with techniques and combinations from Amalia’s explosive Greek style. Amalia will lead the class in exercises to help participants let go of inhibitions and find increased passion in their own dance. The workshop will also include improvisation techniques with the fiery Kashlima rhythm, explore ideas for adding spice and surprise to a belly dance routine, and how to literally dance circles around your audience with fun traveling steps. Amalia’s classes have a strong focus on improvisation and performance skills. Rather than teaching choreographed steps, Amalia offers skills that can be incorporated into each dancer’s individual belly dance style. Amalia began belly dancing in her home town of San Francisco in 1991, where she studied with Greek sisters Anastasia & Phaedra. Amalia now lives, performs, and teaches in Philadelphia.

Earth with Alexia - 2pm-5pm Sunday January 9th, 2011: Earth is the ground we walk on and what supports all movement. Most folkloric dances, which are the origin of bellydance, are very earthy and exhibit a natural power and grace. Becoming more conscious of your center of mass and learning to stay grounded will help you naturally create an earthy energy in your movement. First, Alexia will teach specific skills and concepts, such as correct dance posture and weight placement, helping you become more confident and sure in your movements. Then she will teach several dance combinations that will exhibit and practice those skills.