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Philly Hafla

Workshops with Samira & Carmine!
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Saturday, February 23rd 2013
Hafla 6:30 - 9:30pm, see Workshop Times below

The Performance Garage
1515 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia PA
$15 admittance, children age 10 and under are free with an adult*,
Pot Luck and BYO.

~Workshops with Samira and Carmine!
~List of Performers
~List of Vendors
~Map, Directions and Parking

Workshops with Samira & Carmine

Workshops with Carmine and Samira

Save 10% with Workshop Combos!

Samira Workshop Combo
Perfect for dancers - get the "Make it Egyptian" workshop and the "Drum Solos for Drummers and Dancers" workshop for $77 via PayPal or cash at the door!

Carmine Workshop Combo
Perfect for drummers - get the "Middle Eastern Rhythms" workshop and the "Drum Solos for Drummers and Dancers" workshop for $59 via PayPal or cash at the door!

1:00 - 3:00pm Samira Shuruk - "How to make it Egyptian" - How DOES one hit on the T of the “beat?” How does one switch back from relaxed like Souheir to strong like Mona? Learn fantastic secrets and tips for upping your Egyptian dance sensuality, sass and style. Workshop takes place at the Performance Garage. Cost: $45 via PayPal or cash at the door.

1:30 - 2:30pm Carmine Guida - "Middle Eastern Rhythms for Whatever You Have That Makes Noise"- This class is for everyone! A gentle introduction to Middle Eastern rhythms. Perfect for the rhythm curious. Bring your doumbek, frame drum, zills, djembe, bongos, slide whistle, whatever! Workshop takes place at Park Towne Place Apartments Great Room. Cost: $25 via PayPal or cash at the door.

3:30 - 5:30pm Samira & Carmine - "Drum Solos for Drummers and Dancers" - Samira and Carmine cover classic drum solo structure, different rhythms for different parts and accompanying moves, secrets of musician/dancer communication and more. Workshop takes place at the Performance Garage. Cost: $45 via PayPal or cash at the door.

List of Performers

Dancers include our Guest Star and Workshops Instructor Samira Shuruk, Shushanna, Michelle DeVine & Mahalat, Nadira,Hipnosis, Eye of Isis, Sanchali Tribal Dance, Anastasia Bischak, Zaida Rising, Lorelei, Tribe Mayabelles, Aurora, Femme Fatales and more!

Samira ShurukShushannaMichelle DeVine and MahalatNadiraHipnosisEye of IsisSanchali Tribal BellydanceAnastasia BischakZaida RisingLoreleiTribe MayabellesAuroraFemme Fatales

Musicians include our Guest Star and Workshop Instructor Carmine Guida, Casey Bond, Sean McGarry, Christina Glaudel Bahrt, Jawhara Edwards and Jim Dennis!

Carmine GuidaCasey BondSean McGarryChristina Glaudel BahrtJawhara EdwardsJim Dennis

List of Vendors

If you would like to be a Vendor at the Philly Hafla, contact me at shushanna@yahoo.com.

Alankara Dancewear: Luxury alternative dance clothing for the wicked and the pure. They design and consruct costumes and accessories for performance and practice. You will find everything from hair falls to anklets (and everything in between). Custom orders are welcome, from individual one of a kind to entire troupes. Feel free to e-mail Michelle DeVine with any questions you may have.

Midnight Orchid Design: Kirie is a seamstress of 20+ years. She has enjoyed costuming in many different era's but belly dancing is where she landed. For her helping dancers feel beautiful is the greatest reward. Nothing better then explain proportion and seeing it at work. She generally works in natural and recycled/found objects and fabrics and just enjoys what she does. She hopes you all do too.

Silkdancer: Shaula creates richly hued, expertly blended, and magically designed silk veils. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, including half circles, rectanges and veil fans; and they come in a variety of silk weights. Also, she can take custom orders to match your favorite costume.

Valarina's Closet: Need costumes, props and accessories at reasonable prices? Shop in Valarina's Closet to find a wide variety of gently used belly dance items of all kinds. Buying used items is not only good for your wallet, it's good for the environment.

Map, Directions and Parking

Map to Philly Halfa

Location A: Park Town Place Apartments Great Room, 2200 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia PA. Location of Carmine's 1:30-2:30pm Middle Eastern Rhythms workshop.

Location B: Performance Garage, 1515 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia, PA. Location of all other workshops and the Philly Hafla.

Parking: Street parking is either free or metered. Check the street signs to know for certain. If you can't find street parking, there are many nearby parking lots. The Performance Garage recommends two specifically: one a block away at 15th and Spring Garden, and another at 16th and Brandywine. Their costs are in the $8-$10 range, and they might actually be free after 7pm (check all signs). A third nearby lot at 17th between Brandywine and Green is for J.R. Masterman School employees only, till 4pm (doesn't indicate if weekends are included) It may be free on weekends - check all signs to be certain. All three of these lots are marked in green on the map above. Also, by the Art Museum is a parking lot called Eakin's Oval, near the "Middle Eastern Rhythms" workshop. If you can't find street parking, that lot is conveniently located.

*Shushanna Productions encourages exposing children to cultural events like Philly Hafla, but Shushanna Productions is not responsible for watching your children. Children age 10 and under are free with an adult. Up to three children can come with a single adult, but that adult is responsible for those children.